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The Witches Knot is a legendary amulet of protection. Counteracts curses, evil eyes or negative spells cast on the person wearing it. But, it not only serves as protection. Serves as a reflective shield! So it will send all the negativity back to whoever threw it in the first place.


Discover the power of protection amulets 💫 to take care of yourself and your loved ones! Protection amulets are magical jewels ✨ These small silver treasures are loaded with positive energy and are designed to keep bad influences away and protect you from any harm or negativity around you.


They are powerful amulets of protection and good luck that have been used since ancient times 💫 They symbolize the union and link of positive energies, creating a protective barrier against negative energies and keeping away all types of bad vibrations 🤩

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Elegant silver jewelry designed for you

Coco Chanel said that simplicity is the key to elegance. An elegance that not only defines our personal style, but is also one of the most obvious signs of our emotions. Created in a unique and exclusive way, Silver Shark’s silver jewelery contains those little details that make it the perfect accessory for you.

Our sterling silver jewelery tries to reflect our admiration for the different cultures and places that we have known throughout our lives and that have inspired us so much. The result? A careful selection of elegant ethnic-style pieces made of sterling silver and natural stones, full of sentiment and affordable for any type of public.

Meet our careful selection of rings, chains, necklaces and earrings. An elegant and refined simplicity of emotions through silver jewelry designed especially for you.

¿Why choose a sterling silver jewel?

Known and appreciated by different cultures and civilizations throughout history, silver has always been a highly valued material and a symbol of status and well-being, not only because of its value but also because of the special properties attributed to it. A consideration that has been maintained to this day despite the existence on the market of other materials of great quality, durability and with a greater economic value but whose possession, in many cases, is not as accessible to all audiences.

Sterling silver jewelry thus becomes the perfect option: a material endowed with great elegance and used in jewelry to make light, attractive pieces and whose price makes it easier to purchase when compared to other jewelry made of much more expensive materials.

Silver Shark: discover our sterling silver jewelry

Silver, the higher its purity and the lower its mixture with other materials, the higher its value and quality. The most popular alloy and one of the most used in jewelry is sterling silver, also known 925 silver. A name that is given precisely by its composition (92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metal alloys). Or, put another way: all pieces or objects that have 925 thousandths of silver are considered sterling silver, since they contain a high degree of resistance, durability, purity and quality. At Silver Shark we make all our silver jewelry with 925 Sterling Silver. Because what matters most to us is offering you unique, elegant pieces made with the best silver on the market. Discover our collection of sterling silver jewelry.