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Witch's knot: the viral talisman of extreme protection

Free yourself from negativity, combat envy and jealousy, attack black magic, bondage and conditioning and eliminate bad energy, attract luck with our most viral amulet for extreme protection.

The Witches Knot is known as a famous legendary protection talisman, but it is not only for protection. Serves as a reflective shield! So it will send all the negativity back to the one who released it in the first place. For this reason, it is one of the most coveted esoteric items among those who practice Wicca. Just by wearing it, you can already feel calmer. However, do not forget that you have to activate it!

In this section you will find our Witches knot activation pack: You must activate your knot yourself and do the activation ritual for it to be 100% effective. No one else can do it for you because this talisman uses your energy. To activate it, wait for a full moon night and place the talisman under a stream of running water to cleanse bad energy. Once done, you have to let it dry on a white plate full of black salt overnight. It is important that it is in a place where the moonlight hits it. In the morning, you have to put it back under running water and you're done!

You are now ready to put on your witch's knot (on the left side of the body, if possible) and enjoy the protection it provides. Also, you can do this ritual every time you feel you need to purify this amulet.

But... which of all to choose among so many? To choose your perfect protection amulet, listen to your intuition and your tastes. Let yourself be guided by your intuition and its properties. Choose to have it because you really want it, believe in it. Focus and choose it with your heart. And above all, believe in chance. They may have recommended an amulet to us, but it is not always ideal or what we need, feel in connection with it when all chances lead you towards it. Finally, choose a talisman that protects you, but can protect you too. That you know that you are going to wear it and you are not going to forget it, drop it or even break it because it is not comfortable for you. Remember to always carry it with you, with affection, faith and love. Only then can you protect each other.